Hello Fortunes of Trivia!

Fortunes of Trivia is an exciting and simple Quiz Game.

Test and expand your knowledge on several subjects to win cash rewards!

Fortunes of Trivia is a simple, competitive, rewarding, educative and fun Quiz Game.

Play Quiz Challenges and get rewarded with real cash and other rewards for winning Competitions!

Download and Play Fortunes of Trivia to:

  • Enjoy free uninterrupted Quiz Games!
  • Test and expand your knowledge on many subjects!
  • Compete with other Quiz players around the World!
  • Participate Competitions and Earn cash rewards and other prizes!


  • Play for fun any of several available Quiz Challenges!
  • Each Challenge is split in to several levels of 10 questions each!
  • No interruption of play!
  • Participate in any of the on-going Competitions and climb up the Leaderboards to win cash and other rewards!
  • Educative! Questions appear in same order to allow better and faster memorisation!
  • Each Competition is linked with one or more Challenges!
  • Leaderboard ranking for each Challenge automatically counts towards in the linked Competition Leaderboards!  
  • Get Lives and 50/50 aids for FREE by completing achievements and other in-game tasks!
  • Purchase Lives and 50/50 aids from the in-app store!
  • Upgrade to Premium and be eligible to receive monetary awards!

Get quizzing!

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