A Rewarding Quiz Game!

Fortunes of Trivia is a simple and rewarding trivia quiz game! Solve Quizzes and earn money!

Have fun playing Fortunes of Trivia and enjoy climbing the Competitions’ and Challenges’ Leaderboards to win Cash Prizes!

Fortunes of Trivia is bringing the Fun & Joy of playing quiz games on your mobile device!

Game is not interrupted by ads and you can get lives and in-game aids by completing simple tasks!

Several Challenges!

Want to test your knowledge?

Play any of several Challenges available on Fortunes of Trivia such as World Atlas, World History, World War 2, Hollywood movies, Music, European Football etc.

Rewarding Competitions!

You can compete in on-going Competitions by completing linked Challenges and climbing higher on the Competitions’ Leaderboards.

Competitions may be linked with one or several Challenges and their Leaderboard will show the sum of High Scores achieved by each player on all linked Challenges!

Socially rewarding!

Be a Social Animal and follow Fortunes of Trivia to stay up to date on new Competitions, Challenges and other game updates!

  • Official Website: https://www.fortunesoftrivia.com
  • Twitter: @TriviaFortunes
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fortunesoftrivia


  • Simple Gameplay!
  • Competitive!
  • Rewarding! Earn Cash rewards!
  • No ad interruptions and game pauses!
  • Several Topics!
  • Educative! Sharpen your knowledge!
  • Gain knowledge on new topics!
  • A fun way to get up to date with current issues!
  • Socially rewarding!

Enjoy Pure Quizzing!

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