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Fortunes of Trivia – Quiz Game is an exciting, simple and rewarding Quiz Game.

Play Quiz Challenges and get rewarded for winning Competitions!

Download and Play Fortunes of Trivia to enjoy:

  • Free uninterrupted Quiz Games!

  • Test and expand your knowledge on many subjects!

  • Participate in Competitions!

  • Compete with other Quiz players around the World!

  • Educative Environment!

  • Questions appear in same order for better memorization!

  • Several and Continuous Competitions!

  • Practice mode to test knowledge at all times!

  • Get Lives and 50/50 aids for FREE!

How can I get Fortunes of Trivia – Quiz Game?

Fortunes of Trivia is available through Google Play Store. To Download it you can go to Google Play Store and search for Fortunes of Trivia – Quiz Game or simply, click on the icon below:

How do I play Fortunes of Trivia?

Once you download and install Fortunes of Trivia – Quiz Game, click on the newly created icon featuring the Fortunes of Trivia – Quiz Game logo to open the application.

You would then be prompted to sign in either through Google or  to create a new account by signing up.

Click on the Play & Win button from Top Bar Menu or Main Screen and choose any of the available Competitions to play.

Once you choose a Competition, all Challenges linked with the chosen Competition will be listed. Attempt as many Challenges as you can, to advance your total High-Score in the Competition. The Competition Leaderboard shall display the sum of all High-scores achieved by each player for each Challenge linked with the Competition.

Alternatively, choose the Practice button from the Main Menu Screen or the Top Bar Menu to play any of the available Challenges. The Scores achieved under Practice mode do not count towards your total High-Score in any Competition Leaderboard.

How do Leaderboards work?

Players are required on first sign in to choose a Nickname which it will be displayed on all Leaderboards of Fortunes of Trivia. The game has 2 types of Leaderboards, Competition Leaderboards and Practice Challenge Leaderboards.

Competition Leaderboards show the sum of all High-scores achieved by each player for all Challenges attempted under the particular Competition! If a Challenge is linked with several Competitions then the High-Score for that Challenge shall only count towards the Competion Leaderboard(s) for the particular Competition(s) through which it was attempted.

Practice Challenge Leaderboards show the High-score achieved by each player under Practice mode.

How do Competitions work?

To participate in a Competition, you need to attempt as many Challenges as possible from the Challenges linked with the particular Competition. Each Competition is associated with a Competition Leaderboard which shows the sum of all High-scores achieved by each player for all Challenges attempted under the particular Competition.

All rewards shall be allocated to the Top 10 players for the Competition Leaderboard according with the ranking of all players as per the particular Competition Leaderboard upon Expiry Date.

The Expiry Date of each ongoing and upcoming Competition as well as the available rewards for each Competition are shown on the particular tab of each Competition once you choose the Competitions tab from the Main Menu or the Top Bar Menu.

Get quizzing & Good Luck!

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