Stop COVID-19 Competition – Final.

Unfortunately, we live in a very strange and sad time.

A dangerous pandemic has claimed the lives of many and caused several problems to our societies on a global scale.

As an educative game, Fortunes of Trivia launched a Quiz Competion for COVID-19, the new corona virus that has caused the world to stop, to increase awareness and help break this chain sooner! Nobody imagined that our first Competition would have been for such an event.

The Competition expired on 22:00GMT, 30 April 2020, and we hope that the pandemic will also go away soon!

The Winners of the Competition are shown below:

Top 3 shall be awarded with 25 FOT Coins, 3 50/50 aids and 3 lives.

Top 4-7 shall be awarded with 10 FOT Coins, 3 50/50 aids and 3 lives.

Top 8-10 shall be awarded with 5 FOT Coins, 3 50/50 aids and 3 lives.

It is noted that where users have the same High Score, the user who achieved the Score the closest to the Competition expiry date (latest), ranks higher. Please review our Terms & Conditions for more info.

Congratulations to all winners!!!

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Good Luck, Good Quizzing & Keep Safe!!!

Our thoughts are with all the professionals and volunteers who help ease the pain of those suffering. We hope that everybody suffering from COVID-19 will get well soon and rise up stronger than ever.

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