Trivia Master Quiz Competition – Final!

The Trivia Master Quiz Competition has ended!!!

We hope you all enjoyed a good Quizzing Experience!!!

The TOP 10 on the Competition Leaderboard as the expiry date, 23 May 17.00GMT were the following:

Top 3 get 25 FOT coins each, 5 lives & 5 50/50 aids.

Top 4 – 7 get 10 FOT coins each, 3 lives & 3 50/50 aids.

Top 8 – 10 get 5 FOT coins each, 3 lives & 3 50/50 aids.

Following expiry of the Trivia Competition all TOP 3 players of the Trivia Competition Leaderboard were awarded a $150USD Amazon Gift Card each!

It is noted that where users have the same High Score, the user who achieved the Score the closest to the Competition expiry date (latest), ranks higher. Please review our Terms & Conditions for more info.

Congratulations to all winners!

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