How do I sign in?

  • Fortunes of Trivia is available for android mobile devices, through Google Play Store.
  • Open Fortunes of Trivia Application.
  • Sign in using any of the following methods:
  • Sign in using your Google account, or
  • If you already have a Fortunes of Trivia account, log into your existing Fortunes of Trivia account.
  • If you do not already have a Fortunes of Trivia account, sign up for a Fortunes of Trivia account and then log into your existing Fortunes of Trivia account.

How do I play Fortunes of Trivia?

You can click on the Play & Win tab from Top Bar Menu or Main Screen and choose any of the available Competitions to play. Once you choose a Competition, all Challenges linked with the chosen Competition will be listed.

Attempt as many Challenges as you can to advance your total High-Score in the Competition. The Competition Leaderboard shall display the sum of all High-scores achieved by each player for each Challenge linked with the Competition.

Alternatively, choose the Practice tab from the Main Menu Screen or the Top Bar Menu to play any of the available Challenges. The Scores achieved under Practice mode do not count towards your total High-Score in any Competition Leaderboard.

What are the rules in playing a Challenge?

Each Challenge consists of levels of 10 questions each.

Players have 10 seconds to answer each question.

Each answer may provide up to 10 points.

Correct answers within 4 seconds provides full points, from 4 to 7 seconds provides 5 points and from 8 to 10 seconds provide 3 points.

For every wrong answer, the player loses a life. Each life lost costs 2 points.

A 50/50 aid removes 2 wrong answers from the available answers.

A 50/50 aid can be used only when all 4 available answers are shown.

Each 50/50 aid costs 5 points.

If the player provides no answer and time ends, then the player proceeds to the next question with no points awarded and loses a life.

Game ends once all lives are lost.

To proceed to the next level of a Challenge either under Competition mode or Practice mode you need to obtain at least 1 star and complete the level successfully (i.e. attempt all 10 questions and have at least 1 life remaining). Stars are allocated subject to scoring achieved, as follows:3 stars for scoring 100 points, 2 stars for scoring 50-99 points, 3 stars for scoring 30 – 49 points.

All levels can be unlocked if user upgrades his status to Premium. Once a user upgrades his status to Premium, all levels are unlocked and all ad banners are removed.

Players need at least 1 life in order to play or proceed to next question or level.

On Sign up all players get 3 lives & 3 50/50 aids for free.

Players can watch rewarded ads and get 2 lives & 2 50/50 aids for free. Rewarded ads are available through the in-app Store and at completion of each level.

Players can also get lives & 50/50 aids for free by completing achievements.

Players may also purchase lives & 50/50 aids through the in-app Store.

How do Leaderboards work?

The game has 2 types of Leaderboards, Competition Leaderboards and Practice Challenge Leaderboards.

Competition Leaderboards show the sum of all High-scores achieved by each player for all Challenges attempted under the particular Competition! If a Challenge is linked with several Competitions then the High-Score for that Challenge shall only count towards the Competion Leaderboard(s) for the particular Competition(s) through which it was attempted.

Practice Challenge Leaderboards show the High-score achieved by each player under Practice mode.

Players are required on first sign in to choose a Nickname which it will be displayed on all Leaderboards of Fortunes of Trivia.

How do Competitions work?

To participate in a Competition, you need to attempt as many Challenges as possible from the Challenges linked with the particular Competition. Each Competition is associated with a Competition Leaderboard which shows the sum of all High-scores achieved by each player for all Challenges attempted under the particular Competition.

All rewards shall be allocated to the Top 10 players for the Competition Leaderboard according with the ranking of all players as per the particular Competition Leaderboard upon Expiry Date.

The Expiry Date of each ongoing and upcoming Competition as well as the available rewards for each Competition are shown on the particular tab of each Competition once you choose the Competitions tab from the Main Menu or the Top Bar Menu.

How are rewards awarded to players?

Within 3 days following the expiry date of each Competition all winners shall receive their non-cash rewards through the app.

Winners of Cash rewards will have up to 1 month to claim their cash reward by requesting redemption of the amount through the app. To request redemption the winner(s) will have to submit a valid email associated with a PayPal account under the same name. (check https://www.paypal.com for more information on how to create a PayPal account for receiving funds).

Money redemption rewards shall only be accepted for players that have upgraded their status to Premium. Players can upgrade their status to Premium by purchasing any Premium package.

What personal data do you collect and how is my personal data processed?

Fortunes of Trivia respects your personal data!

Our Privacy Policy has been drafted to reflect this and shall always be available for you to review either through the Fortunes of Trivia application or through https://fortunesoftrivia.com.

Do you have a Terms & Conditions document?

Fortunes of Trivia has drafted a clear Terms & Conditions document which shall always be available for you to review either through the Fortunes of Trivia application or through https://fortunesoftrivia.com.

For any queries or comments, you may have please contact us at info@fortunesoftrivia.com .


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